WOW! Women on Writing, September/October 2008, "Get Published: 13 Strategies for New Writers

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India Currents, July 2008, "Blending Cultures with Words,"

Q & A interview with Bharti Kirchner, award-winning cookbook author and novelist.
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Seal Beach Magazine, January 2008, "Living the Seal Beach Life: One Woman's Journey to the Boardwalk," profile of Seal Beach resident, Kristina Kessler
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The Polishing Stone (WA), Winter 2007, book review, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, by Barbara Kingsolver
Coastal Scene, November/December 2007, "From Pho to Finish: A Vietnamese Restaurant Flourishes in East Long Beach"
Stressfree Living (MN), November 2007, "Five Strategies for Reducing Stress this Season"
Coastal Scene, October/November 2007, "Fairy Tale Visions: The Art of Joyce Patti," Q and A interview with illustrator Joyce Patti

Coastal Scene, September/October 2007, "Feels So Dog-Gone Good: Local Chiropractor Adjusts Canines with Love and Compassion"

The Polishing Stone (WA), Fall 2007, "Facing Dehydrated Skin", September 2007, web article, "Stopping a Tantrum"
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Coastal Scene, August/September 2007, "Beyond a Traditional Pharmacy: The Shore Apothecarie," profile on holistic pharmacy in Long Beach, Calif.

Coastal Scene (Long Beach, CA), July/August 2007, "Brian Kucera: Catching Waves with a Canon," Q & A interview with surf photographer
Writers Weekly
, July 2007, feature article, "Watch that Tone! Learn to Speak the Language that Editors Love"
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Stressfree Living (MN)
, July 2007, garden article, "Enhancing Small Spaces for Outdoor Enjoyment"

The Polishing Stone, Summer 2007, book review, "Organic Housekeeping" by Ellen Sandbeck
Northwest Baby & Child
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Natural Family Online
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Stressfree Living, December 2006, "Take 5! How to Recharge Your Batteries in 5 Minutes"
Natural Family Online,
November 2006, "Out of the Woods and Into the Fire: Eco-Friendly Firelogs"
Adoption Today
, October/November 2006, "Adopting the Temperamental Child"

Filipinas, September 2006, "Isle Be Seeing You," profile of Debra Resonable, owner of Tropic Travels in Ventura, CA
Stressfree Living
, August 2006, "The Benefits of an Evening Bath"
, "Things to Do for Kids in Long Beach"
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Natural Family Online
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Organic Family
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Adoption Today,
April/May 2006, "How to Help Your Older, Internationally Adopted Child Learn English Successfully"
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Winter 2006, "Making Mealtimes Sacred"
Mothering Magazine,
December 2005, web article, "10 Ways to Soothe Your Home"
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Mom Writer's Literary Magazine, winter 2006, "The Triumph of Time"
Vision Magazine
, November 2006, "Cultural Fusion: A Template for Identity"
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A Long Story Short, November 2006, "Two Fated Goodbyes"
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India Currents,
November 2006, "Reflections on a Bicultural Upbringing"
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Absolute Write, February 2005, "Dry Dock: When Real Life Takes Writers Ashore,"
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, Spring 2007, "Beat the Breakfast Blues"

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The Polishing Stone, Winter 2006, "Fabulous Fennel"
The Polishing Stone (WA), Fall 2006, "A Simple Indian Meal," article with recipes
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, September 2006, "A Feast for the Eyes," article on food adornment with recipe.
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Energy Times,
May 2006, "Transplanted Cuisine," article on Vietnamese cuisine, with recipe
Energy Times
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Orange Lavender Chicken recipe:
Sunset Magazine
, January 1997, recipe for "Cilantro Rice"


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, March 2006, flash fiction, "Two Loves"
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